I reject reality and substitute fiction


So when you blow it out, does it smell like vanilla? 



So when you blow it out, does it smell like vanilla? 




They’re still super cute.

He should go to Howard Stern and claim the money, and tell him straight to his face he’s immediately going out and buying Sarah a present. 



Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

There are more charts if you click through.

It took me a long time to realise why the male age line isn’t straight, but it’s because the years along the bottom axis aren’t equally spaced. Good visualisation of a depressing point, otherwise.

Not only is the bottom axis unequally spaced, the starting point of the left axis is augmented to exaggerate the relative ages of the men and women. 

Not to mention the clear cherry-picking of the charts. 

Also, given Keira Knightly was stated to be his love interest in Pirates of the Caribbean (Knightly played the 29-year-old Orlando Bloom’s love interest; 37-year-old old Penélope Cruz played his love interest in 2011 in the Pirates sequel), I suspect some of these pairings are invalid. 

In the end, though, I do not dispute the premise. Female love interests do age, but at a rate almost half of their male counterparts, and erratically. And they are almost always younger than their male counterparts. 

And my love for you is immeasurable, even when you split it seven ways.

Jeff Winger, “Advanced Introduction to Finality”

That is why Jeff had to go down the line and make a mental connection with all of them. To get real passion, he need to combine his love for all his friends. Britta was not enough. And neither was Annie. 





for the rest of my life whenever i see this color i’ll be reminded of all the hours i wasted on the internet


sorry that color is #2C4762

Tumblrs is #2B4864

image Actually, it’s coral blue #3


Tumblr has a gradient. 

It goes from #395776 to #2C4762.





or wrong movie….





I love that his “Dad?” isn’t just, “Dad? You’re alive?”, it’s “Dad? What are you wearing? You’re embarrassing me! If Bones finds out you’re into LARPing, I’ll never hear the end of it!”


Laurel Lance is the undisputed female lead. Katie Cassidy’s name shows up right after Stephen Amell’s name because they get paid the most to be on this show. Laurel is the love of Oliver’s life in the comics, she’s an integral part to this show and Oliver Queen’s history, but people want to act like her existence is false advertising. This show was created with the two of them in mind. Why even bother making such a stupid argument when that same argument invalidates your side even more?

The problem with the shipper mentality is that often you feel the need to vilify the unfavored side of a love triangle. 

Olicity shippers shouldn’t hate on Laurel, but it happens. A lot. Which is dumb, because Laurel being a strong character and Laurel being Oliver’s love interest are independent of each other

In the opinions of many viewers, Oliver and Laurel don’t click as well as Oliver and Felicity, or Oliver and any of his other love interests. And Katie Cassidy’s performance during Season 1 of Arrow was substandard compared to her more villainous roles, e.g. Supernatural. Many believe Laurel’s brief dark arc at the beginning of Season 2 really allowed Cassidy to shine. How badass has she become now that she’s more morally gray? Why should we be surprised when the show began with a morally gray Oliver Queen? 

And if Oliver Queen in Arrow is different than the Green Arrow of the comics, Laurel is twice as different. She doesn’t go by Dinah. She’s a brunette. She’s a lawyer, not a florist. Her father wasn’t a private detective. Her mother wasn’t a costumed superhero. She isn’t a metahuman with a super-sonic voice. She doesn’t have a younger sister.

That last point is pretty important, since the non-comics-canon Sara steals a good chunk of Dinah’s mantle. She’s blonde. She’s a costumed superhero. She has a super-sonic device that she uses as a weapon. She fights alongside Oliver Queen while romantically involved with him. She goes by the Canary. 

Hell, look at how many characters on the show share nothing but the names of their comic book counterparts. 

And even with all of this stolen from her, she is, as you said, the female lead of the show. As we see in Season 2, now that they’re laying off the heavy-handed ship-teasing between her and Oliver, Laurel’s character is beginning to flourish. She’s allowed to have a morally complex and emotionally deep storyline, one where she’s a force to be reckoned with, one where her anger is no longer simply the result of typically “feminine” (read: sexist) motivation of resentment over being cheated on. 

As Team Arrow’s world is continually divorced from the outside world, revolving more and more around the Arrow Cave and superhuman battles in back alleys and abandoned warehouses, Laurel’s role as the crusader in the daylight and in the courtroom becomes increasingly more crucial to anchor a show that prides itself on replicating the NolanVerse’s gritty realism. 

It’s been fourteen years since the New Age of Comic Book movies, and if we’ve learned one thing, “because comics” is a terrible argument. Comic books have seventy years of inconsistent, contradictory, and constantly re-envisioned material. 

Arrow has done an excellent job examining its own show, maintaining what works and fixing what doesn’t. It looks at shows like Smallville and learns from their mistakes: caring too much about the show bible, pigeonholing its characters into outdated archetypes, resisting multi-episodic plot arcs, adding too many clunky meta-jokes, the list goes on. 

Laurel Lance is a crucial element of the show, and Katie Cassidy an irreplaceable member of the cast. Don’t dilute her to a pretty face whose primary purpose is to be kissed by the title character using an argument that is simply the source material that the show is using increasingly loosely, crediting order, and salary comparisons. 


So does Felicity still have a job? Because she was Oliver’s secretary but now Isabel is CEO so is she fired? Or did she go back to IT? 

I doubt it. Isabel was never fond of her, and probably took great delight in firing her even though she knew she’d follow Oliver off a cliff, so was already resigning. 

Even if Felicity was allowed to return to I.T., and furthermore even if Isabel let her stay, she definitely quit the second she realized the Isabel was Slade’s henchman, not just out of protest, but because Slade knew she worked with Oliver, so Isabel did, too, which meant that she was in immediate peril. 



*Slade catches her by the neck*

Slade: Hello, Sara.

*throws her across the room like a limp doll*

Why does Sara’s League of Assassins training appear to consist of mainly close-contact martial arts? Why are they expecting to run into so many martial arts masters on their hit lists? 

Shouldn’t her skills include lots of creative ways to dispose of targets without being seen? Any reason why she can’t shoot Slade through the eye at a hundred yards with a pistol? Doesn’t she know pressure points? Make use of the chemicals in the Arrow Cave to, I don’t know, superglue him to the floor or set him on fire? Doesn’t she know two dozen paralytics, even if she has to give him ten times the dose? If Slade’s skin is vulnerable enough to have his blood drawn, doesn’t that mean his jugular and femoral arteries are still capable of being slit?  


What exactly was the point of Slade breaking in to the Arrow Cave? Just to scare them??? To prove that he CAN?

To get the skeleton key… 

…so he could amass an army to kill Oliver Queen and those he cared for… 

…three of which were conveniently there…

…two of whom he curb-stomped and one who would require even less effort…

So, in other words, he doesn’t need an army. I understand he wants to slowly torture Oliver, but he’s moving at a snail’s pace. He’s yet to kill anyone. He kidnapped his sister, but let her go without a scratch, but with a big secret that was a 50/50 gambit of either estranging his sister from him, or bringing them closer. It just happened to work. 

Again, why build an army? It’s obvious he could do all the work with minimal support. Doesn’t he want to take out Oliver’s family, friends, and associates one by one? Having twenty indestructible, unstable killers just runs the very probable risk of not being able to control the timeline. 

It’s pretty obvious the show is just stalling for time so that the showdown can happen on the season finale.