I reject reality and substitute fiction


Just a reminder. 

There’s nobody on the other end of that phone. 

And he’s deliberately looking away from Britta. 

By the way


Okay, Arrow, you’re set in a gritty, realistic, Nolan-esque world. You’ve introduced both Helena Bertinelli and the Black Canary. You’ve proven so popular that the network wants a spin-off. There’s a highly popular comic book about both popular guest stars Helena and Sara Lance, and Barbara Gordon, who could be easily introduced as the mysterious benefactor who brings them together to fight crime.

So you do The Flash.


Hey, the network tried it back in ‘02 and it didn’t stick. 


literally no one wants an ant-man movie

I suspect Paul Rudd doesn’t even want one. He’s probably like, “It would be cool to be in a Marvel movie, but honestly I could have just been a lawyer in distress in a Black Widow movie.”

women aren’t exactly lining up to dance with a guy they might step on.

Pre-serum Steve was 5’3”.

The average height of an American woman in the 1940’s was 5’2”. 

Steve would have been taller than more than half of the women around him. 

Including the girl Bucky set him up with for the World’s Fair. Though not in heels. 


there are more nipples in the world than people

You might even say, within a very acceptable margin of error, there are twice as many. 


Can we start seeing more asexual headcanons about really goofy and outgoing characters and less about super serious characters

We could start labeling celibate gay best friends as asexual. That’d make some waves. 

I’m not at all suggesting in-universe celibate characters are asexual. I’m referring to flamboyant gay characters whose creators and writers don’t give them love interests or let them comment on their sexuality, the ones that are just “accessories” to straight women.

This would actually elevate them. Since they have no desire for sexual relationships, their close friendships with female characters, the ones that appear to take precedence in their lives, are now positive reflections of what many asexuals desire. 

Asexuals who are secure in their orientation may find themselves allowing themselves to adopt styles and interests without being limited by heteronormativity, resulting in their quote-unquote effeminate style. If they were gay, it’d be a stereotype. If asexual, it’s boldness. 

In addition, it would accurately represent how when sexual and romantic relationships become the crux of straight people’s lives, asexuals are often, sadly, left behind. 


me: *sees biphobic shit on my dash*
me: *unfollows*
me: *sees ‘hail hydra’ on my dash*
me: *unfollows*
me: no, don’t do that.

Maybe I missed something in TFA, but I thought Red Skull was all, “Goddamn, Hitler, we could easily take over the world if not for your stupid persecution complex. Anyway, stealing all your money, have fun in Russia.” 

And then in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we find out the current leader is all, “Goddamn, stop with the double-arm salute. It’s so dumb. We’re not an army anymore. We’re a movement who wants to rule the world invisibly.”

jesus: i died on the cross for your sins
me: aint nobody tell u to do that tho
jesus: aint nobody keep sheep to sacrifice anymore



I’m sorry. I was waiting for this moment. 

Have you seen the entire season? Because the rest of my question involves spoilers till the end. 

Are you factoring in the fact he grew up in an abusive home and was bullied into violence? The fact he freely admitted this to Skye? That up until the reveal, he was a perfect ally to SHIELD and had to be “activated” like a robot before he would act against them? Did you notice how he thinks HYDRA is a crock and his loyalty is nothing more than his attachment to Garrett, the man who saved him? Are you seeing how he’s near constantly conflicted about HYDRA’s motives? Did you notice how he puts spy-spin on all his reports to his HYDRA superiors? Why does he attempt to kill Fitzsimmons in the most indirect way? And how he spout misogynic drivel only when he needs to rile up female agents? Does he seem incredibly insecure and self-destructive at the end? Do you remember him begging Garrett for a direct order because he just cannot understand how to support a megalomaniacal organization through his own free will? 

I’m not saying he wasn’t a monster, but he was a made monster. He never made the choice to be a HYDRA agent; he was recruited into it when he was vulnerable. To me, he seemed to show signs of shifting his loyalty to Coulson. 

I just want to know why everyone writes him off so quickly. He’s such a complex character, a man broken apart as a child and put together and treated like a puppet. You think I’m happy when May beats him, when all I can remember is that his childhood was filled with violence? You think I’m happy when he’s locked in a cell, written off as a lost cause, when in reality he’s the perfect double agent, because he could so easily be turned? SHIELD treats HYDRA like such a boogieman, when they’re literally just a loose conglomerate of SHIELD agents who were forced to turn against their coworkers on a dime? HYDRA is flourishing in the open because SHIELD is too busy wringing their hands over their vigilante, paramilitary spy-co being corrupt from the inception instead of a bastion of hope and goodwill built on the shoulders of our so-called Greatest Generation. 

This show is made by WhedonCo. Is Ward an Angel or a Spike? Is SHIELD like the Rossum Corporation or like Blue Sun? What is HYDRA? The only thing that changed when Joss was given the reins of a significant chunk of the MCU is that he finally allowed for some white and black in his shades of gray world. 



Mmm… no, cancels out. 

Okay, wasn’t as involved in writing super-misogynistic, vaguely date-rapey song as previously thought? Less hate. 

But stole credit from black artist? More hate. 

Wife divorced him because of song he actually wrote little of? A bit of sympathy.  

Just remembered; ex-wife was black. Actually, no sympathy. 

He was on drugs…

…and when sobered decided misogynistic, date-rapey song was great, representative of his voice, and definitely needed decorative naked women in its music video. 

Well, it appear you’re right.